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When we talk about Marketing tactics, emails aren’t the only channel which comes to our mind as social media, blogging has already acquired the spot light.
People still aren’t able to justify whether emails are still relevant because value adds aren’t visible in the email marketing platforms, Once we i.e. email marketers show the proper value add we still have a huge market to capture.
Lets talk on few points which will put a ray of light on Why Email Marketing is Must


Its Reach

when we talk about email account numbers there are 3.6 Billion users on earth enjoying it (, so when it comes to numbers it leaves Facebook and twitter behind. The difference between social and emails is that actual message will reach its destination then its up to the user whether he or she wants to opt out or no.
Apart from that emails have its own LONG LIFE SPAN as it remains in the users inbox for months and months until users takes action of deleting it or replying it.

Decent ROI

Yes emails do provide a good ROI provided if we are targeting qualified buyers with the help of segmentation. Don’t shout on emails else you will immediately make yourself seem inexperienced or ignorant, once such example is bombarding thousands of marketing emails every day for your product promotional activity. Show benefits rather then talking about the product’s feature.

Receiving a strong open and click rate is important, but if your landing pages cannot convert prospective buyers, you will not achieve a strong ROI. Likewise, if your landing pages convert well, but you are not delivering qualified buyers due to poor targeting and messaging, you will not achieve the results you are seeking.
  • Target the right consumers.
  • Ensure that the email list is hygienic
  • Focus on writing relevant content and strong subject lines.
  • Create a clear call to action.
  • Spend time on testing the landing page effectiveness and ease of purchase process.


Building relationships online is the heart of successful inbound marketing, Through Mailconnect application you can build out proper personalized email campaigns which will make the user feel special, personalized emails turn out to produce a good open rate as well as better click through rates. Email marketing channel allows you to do this type of personalized marketing at a larger scale which will create a concrete relationships over time that eventually will lead to a purchase decision.


One of the most important feature which delivers you the insights of what your customer needs gets generated through Tracking, Tracking views & clicks in a right manner might help you segmenting your list and know your users insights which will in turn generate business for you. A simple example is today I do campaign for Health Insurance and see that these many X amount of email ids have always viewed the email but never went to the landing page and became my lead, REASON they aren’t interested in health Insurance, but when in my other campaigns. I tried pitching them Motor Insurance I got Views, Clicks and got converted some of them into leads as well.


People have grabbed the habit of reading emails on mobile only if the content and the mailer is optimized well. The way smart phones are becoming users PART OF LIFE they wont run away saying that they hate emails. People will pay attention to your messages if they are relevant, if they can access it whenever they want, & if they can interact with you while on the go.

Easy to Use

Using email marketing application was never a challenge. Upload list, get your sender ID approved, create a campaign template, give subject line to it and shoot, finally grab a cup of coffee and wait for the number of view and click rates increasing BUT set KPI’s that support marketing objectives, don’t stop at open rates! as Email marketing is not just about mailing as its beyond that


One of the most common mistakes in email marketing is not seeing it as an engagement tool. If designed well it will engage the customers at various touch points which might also encourage repeat purchases.

Follow Up

Term also known as Auto Responder, does it work YES, it’s the BEST to keep customer informed by sending regularly some useful information of the product you are offering. At the first stage It can be a welcome email, After that Product information, Its features and its benefits, contact information and finally closing the sale. Follow-up campaigns need to gain help by A/B split test as well.
For E.G. – Out of 10 K emails sent only 500 people have viewed the emails but what about rest of the people who haven’t viewed it. It means that either my content isn’t reliable for those users or the subject line isn’t that valuable. So to target those audience you can use Follow Up campaigns where in the application will send mailers to those people who haven’t viewed your emails, here we can change the content, twick the subject line by making it more eye catchy and try converting those mail ids into conversion rate.

Call To Action

For email marketers to succeed as a form of communication it needs to be clear what you want your email readers to do. Your subscriber needs to know why you are sending them an email. Every emails sent needs to have a relevant call to action which is short and clear. It should also be more describing than “click here”, using commands like Download white paper, read more, order yours are few of the examples of good CTA.
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