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Advantages of Mass Mailing

Most of the email marketing software only allows you to update the list of customers and send the email but massmail sends the mail using personalization features so that it matches the unique requirements of each customers and it also attracts new subscribers and increase your list. It also provides best local email marketing that is providing email marketing services for the local peoples in their same region or city. By using email marketing software people get to know how to send bulk email efficiently.

User Friendly

  • Great tool for newsletters, publicity lists, notifications, and many other uses.
  • Easy to use Web Interface lets you write and send messages
  • Manage mailing list over the internet
  • Keeps sending messages from our server, even after you shut down your computer
  • Stable and Robust design to manage mailing lists with hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Automated Filter

  • No duplicate messages.
  • No 'forgotten' messages.
  • List manager manages message delivery with a message queue.
  • Ensuring that every subscriber gets the email message, and that no subscribers receive two copies.

Report with Statistics

  • Open / View Tracking tells you how many users opened your email message.
  • Click Tracking tracks links and URLs
  • Statistics can be viewed by message, URL or subscriber
  • Statistics can also be Exported to Excel

Easily Personalize

  • User Specific Content.
  • User can use Subscriber Attributes in message content to make each and every email message personalized with the subscribers name, country, or any other attribute.
  • Subscriber Preferences.
  • Every email message can contain personalized URLs for subscribers to update their preferences or unsubscribe.

Easily Customized

HTML email messages. Subscribers can be given the choice between text or html email messages. Built in WYSIWYG HTML Editor allows you to create / edit html messages from within the browser based application

Bounce Handling

Bounce Processing keeps your database clean of unused and non-existent email addresses.

CSV Import or TXT Import.

Use CSV and tab delimited files to import your existing list of users.

Scheduled based Campaigns

Scheduled Sending lets you decide when the message is to be sent. Facility to create Follow up campaigns to interested scubscribers
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